S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses Rope Reins

Rope Reins – with a difference !


The S.M.A.A.R.T. Horse Company

Order your Rope Reins Today !

Elegant cotton soft touch rope with leather connection to the bit gives an organic feel to these rope reins and superior communication with the horse when riding and working in-hand.

As you slide down the rope it comes alive in your hands and the all leather bit connections glide softly in to the hand to nestle perfectly combined giving a superior communication with the horse.

Metal free Rope Reins also means a quiet connection at your horses mouth and no cold parts for you to handle in the colder months.

These Rope Reins Ideal for all horses inlcuding; young horses; horses being broken or re-trained; dressage training to every day riding.  

The Rope Reins are hand crafted in Scotland by Master Saddlers using superior quality leather and high quality rope.

Rope Rein Safety

With a safety breaking point at the ´buckle´ connection, the rider has peace of mind while riding.

Rope Rein Features

  • Available in pony, horse or bespoke lengths.
  • Bespoke lengths: use the contact form to provide details of length required.
  • Black rope with black or brown leather currently available

Please note that these reins are hand made to order, the lead time is currently approximately 2 weeks.

Click here to order your Bespoke Rope Reins.



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