Clicker Training Kits

Clicker training just continues to grow in popularity and still horse clicker trainers have to make do with treat equipment that is less than ideal (dogs treat pouches, fishing vests, DIY nail bags etc). Not any more.

How many of us have had holes suddenly appear in pockets, had jackets arrive with holes already in the pockets, horses remove pockets from jackets! Most treat pouches don’t hold enough treats and get in the way when riding, we need a treat-jacket for summer and another for winter to fit over the extra layers. I’ve lost count of the number of times my treats got soggy because the treat jacket I had on was not waterproof or had zips burst. Each time I have to buy a whole new jacket or bum-bag.

I decided it was time to design something adaptable, functional, comfortable and just fun to use that solved all of these problems, and more. Just some of the benefits to this new treat equipment are:

  • You design your own jacket or bum-bag
  • Add pouches where you want on the jacket/bum-bag (modular pouches):
  • Add/replace as needed without replacing the jacket/bum-bag
    • Attach in just 2-clicks
    • one-handed open and close
    • don’t come of until you (not your horse) take them off
    • carry treats, mobiles, gloves, braiding equipment….just use your imagination !
  • Robust material (military tried and tested), superior manufacturing standard
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable to wear even on long rides
  • One size fits all (jacket and bum-bag) with one-handed adjustments

We are continually developing new items to cater for more needs within and outwith the horse world (dog training, hill-walking, cycling, etc). With each item we have consulted with key people to ensure best design and for testing.

It’s an exciting process and being it all started with just a simple idea and a phone call. Who knew it would fulfil my ambition of not only starting my own business, but also catering for my fellow horse clicker trainers.

Amanda Martin, The S.M.A.A.R.T. Horse Company Ltd, Shop Page

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