Problem Behaviours Project

Positive reinforcement training is a wonderful training approach and is producing amazing results in horses the world over.  SMAART Horses have taken positive reinforcement training (clicker training) to a number of horses; old, young, for backing, unwell and healthy alike and to teach simple behaviours or complex behaviours.  We have also taken it to horses who have emotional or behavioural issues, and those who don’t, with great success. 

We are now embarking on a new project and are currently seeking horses with who are presenting one or more problem behaviours (such as not wanting the bridle on, or to be caught) and you just don’t know how to get started in changing that behaviour.

Do you have a horse that has issues with:

Putting on your own bridle

Clicker training a horse to accept the bridle willingly and without force

  • bridling
  • saddling
  • being caught
  • trimming / shoeing
  • mounting
  • grooming
  • bathing
  • ….or another problem (let us know anyway)

Do you live in the South Lanarkshire area of Scotland ?

Do you have a few hours each week to spend with your horse for training both on your own and/or with a SMAART Horses trainer ?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above and would like free help in turning your horse in to the ‘horse of your dreams’, contact SMAART Horses for more details.

We will teach you how to re-train your horse and we simply ask in return that you keep a diary of the training for us.   Contact us to tell us about your horse.  Our aim is to work along side the owners to re-train the horse to create the ‘horse of your dreams’. 

SMAART Horses adhere to the Data Protection Act  and so your contact with us and contact details will be confidential.

S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses

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