Teaching Lateral Moves with the Clicker – Three-Flip-Three

Teaching Lateral Moves with the Clicker



Before it got too cold and damp we have been trying to get some video of some clicker training in action.  My 2 horses are at very different stages of their training (due to their age) and due to their very different natures they also have learned Alexandra Kurlands foundation lessons in different orders.  As such, they are great fun to work with and bring their own puzzles to the training.

Here is a video of my 4-year-old practicing 3-flip-3.  He is still in the early stages and is not a horse to be rushed through detail.  He needs to understand each step well before we can move on.  You will see that he starts out with some nice “why would you leave me” with a jaw flexion and this progresses to some steps of 3-flip-3. 

We also use the mat as a reinforcer and you get to see him do some very sweet poses on his mat (which you can’t see for the grass…trust me it’s there :-)) and you will also see a hip-shoulder-shoulder in there.

It was just a shame that the farm dog decided to join us that day…he really does give Brody a hard time nipping at his heels.  Despite that, Brody does some very nice work. 

I hope you enjoy this short clip.

If you would like to find out how to get your horse started with lateral work, Alexandra Kurlands 3-flip-3 DVD is a valuable resource.






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2 Responses to Teaching Lateral Moves with the Clicker – Three-Flip-Three

  1. cheeriotrainer says:

    Looks very nice Amanda!!

    I love it when people share videos of some of the more advanced exercises from Alexandra’s work. It helps dispel some of the myths that clicker training is just for cute tricks.

    I didn’t realize you had a blog now, I’ll have to add it to the list of blogs I follow.


    • smaarthorses says:

      Thanks Mary.

      I pretty much focused on 3F3 and HSS this summer and it has paid off incredibly.

      I’ve had a blog for quite a while now but not really shouted about it. I figured people would find it if they were searching for things I was writing about 🙂


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