Online Clicker Training

Online Clicker Training…


…With S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses


Start Date for Foundation Course:  20 Oct 10

(online instruction will be provided starting at 7.30pm UK time each week)

Study in the comfort of your own home with the aid of an online classroom and live chat lessons once a week.

Course Name:  CT 100 2UK (introductory course)
Start date:  20 Oct 10
Duration:  6 consecutive weeks of instruction and information
Price:  $99 (less than approx. £64)
Instructor:  Amanda Martin


Clicker Training is a scientifically-based training system and it works to engage both the trainer and the animal as active participants in the learning process. 

It builds a relationship between trainer and animal that has it’s foundation in mutual respect.

Clicker training can be used for every horse whether you have a young horse, a foal, a stallion, a happy hacker, a competition horse or a problem horse.  Clicker training is fun for both the horse and the trainer providing a clear way to communicate to your horse and forms a wonderful bond between horse and trainer……

Clicker training is rewards based training, so we reward the behaviours we want from our horses.  Clicker trainers do not punish the unwanted, but rather learn how to re-direct the energy of unwanted behaviours to be a behaviour that we do want and can reward.

This clicker training course is designed to get you started with clicker training.  The course will get you started with the training method by learning how to charge the clicker, find appropriate and meaningful ways to reward your horse and get you going with some of the foundation lessons that we teach. 

To understand the method so that you can use it to the best of your ability, we do discuss a little bit of detail about the science behind the training method……don’t worry, it’s not boring.  Understanding the basics of why it works will make you a much better trainer and will help to set you up to tackle training almost any behaviour.

We also look at how to make the behaviours understandable to the horse….how to break them on in to small enough steps to ensure your horse is successful in his/her attempts to getting the ‘yes’ answer.

There are 6 foundation lessons that we will also discuss.  These foundation lessons were planned by a classical dressage trainer and they are key to setting the foundations for an emotionally and physically well balanced horse (a must no matter what discipline you are involved with).

Each week, you have access to an experienced clicker trainer who can help you work through individual issues and problems and find the solutions.

Description:   Introduction to Clicker Training for the Horse

Designed ForThose who would like to explore the world of equine clicker training.

Objectives:  Introduce Positive & Negative Reinforcement and how we use them to clicker train horses, understand how to break behaviours down in to small steps, begin the clicker foundations lessons which create a physically and emotionally balanced horse.

Assessment MethodParticipation in online class discussions, weekly and course hands-on projects, essays, reading assignments as well as written assignments completed online.  

MaterialsAll materials provided online for access at any time.  no purchase of materials required.

 Follow the link to register for the course


For more information:

Contact:               Amanda Martin

Phone:                 0777 196 5083


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