Online Clicker Training Courses – Level II

Study in the comfort of your own home with the aid of an online classroom and live chat lessons once a week.

  • Course Name:  CT 101 UK (introductory course)
  • Start date:  9 Feb 11
  • Duration:  10 weeks of instruction and information (9 Feb – 16 Mar 11 and 30 Mar-27 Apr 11)
  • Price:  $175 (approx. £121)
  • Instructor:  Amanda Martin (online instruction will be provided starting at 7.30pm UK time each Monday)

    Clicker Training is a scientifically based training system and it works to engage both the trainer and the animal as active participants in the learning process.It builds a relationship between trainer and animal that has its foundation in mutual respect.

Clicker training can be used for every horse whether you have a young horse, a foal, a stallion, a happy hacker, a competition horse or a problem horse. Clicker training is fun for both the horse and the trainer providing a clear way to communicate to your horse and forms a wonderful bond between horse and trainer.

It is a rewards based training, so we reward the behaviours we want from our horses. Clicker trainers do not punish the unwanted, but rather learn how to re-direct the energy of unwanted behaviours to be a behaviour that we do want and can reward.

This clicker training course is designed for those who are already clicker training with their horse. The course will expand on what you already know about the theory of and teaching behaviours using clicker training. We will continue to build the foundation lessons which were planned by a classical dressage trainer and they are key to setting the foundations for an emotionally and physically well-balanced horse (a must no matter what discipline you are involved with).
Each week, you have access to an experienced clicker trainer who can help you work through individual issues and problems and find the solutions.

Description: Level II
This clicker training course is designed to build on the introductory equine clicker training course.
We delve in to the theories in more depth to help you understand them. This will help you to better understand how to use the techniques to your advantage in your horse training.
The course is designed for weekly attendance in the virtual “live” classes or the student may study on his or her own as time allows. Forum discussions are encouraged for ongoing group study and students are also encouraged to keep journals of their progress.

Designed For: Those who have already started clicker training with their horse.

Objectives: to continue with the clicker foundation lessons which create a physically and emotionally balanced and body aware horse, learn more about effectively breaking behaviours down in to trainable steps and add next levels to already learned behaviours and theories.

Materials: All materials provided online for access at any time. No purchase of materials required. Each course is augmented by Power Point Presentations, weekly live real-time instruction and discussions, online classroom and materials, weekly assignments etc.

For more information:
Contact: Amanda Martin
Phone: 0777 196 5083


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