Clicker Training Horses – Loopy Training DVD

Communication that CLICKS !

Alexandra Kurland and The Clicker Center are proud to launch the new DVD in The Click that Teaches series…..

Lesson 18  Loopy Training

Lesson 18 Loopy Training

Lesson 18: 

Loopy Training

5 Hours 45 minutes 
3 Disc DVD Lesson

This is a long DVD. Think of it as though you were going off to a weekend conference. But instead of sitting in an uncomfortable chair in a large lecture hall, you get to watch the presentations in the comfort of your own house.  

This is also a hard DVD to categorize. On the one hand the basic concept of loopy training makes a great starting point for exploring clicker training. The foundation lessons are best taught as loops. So if you are new to clicker training the Loopy Training DVD actually makes a good starting point. But many of the concepts and some of the later exercises may feel a bit overwhelming to someone starting out. If you are a beginner, my recommendation would be to get this DVD. Watch the first part, then go back to the beginning of the series and work your way systematically through the lessons. Periodically re-watch the Loopy Training DVD. Each time you do, you’ll find that the later sections make more and more sense to you and you are ready to apply the concepts to your training.

If you’ve already been working your way through the DVD lesson series, you’ll find that this DVD does many things for you. It gives you a great review of basics. And it will show you how to make your training much more structured and systematic. You’ll understand more about the power of cues and how to chain of behaviors together. It will also show you how to teach not just individual behaviors to your horse, but advanced concepts, as well.  This DVD will move your understanding of clicker training to a new level.
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