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About Amanda

Amanda and Classic

Amanda and Classic

For a number of years I have been training with Alexandra Kurland (clicker trainer) and it is what I now teach to others.  Alexandra’s clicker training philosophy is about good balance and understanding the micro movements in both horse and handler that are important to note.  This work is about teaching balance; physical and emotional in both horse and rider/handler.  Tai Chi features highly to help the handler find good balance and bone rotations to name just 2 things. 
This training very much has its foundations in training for a sound spine and body in both horse and handler.   If horse and handler have sound spines then they stay fitter and healthier and sound in their movement.

The detail that Alexandra’s work goes in to surpasses anything else I have seen in other trainers (including horse clicker trainers).  The levels we delve in to are incredible and cover so much more than just ‘training behaviour’.  HOW we get to the end goal is so much more critical than getting to the end goal.  People do not need to be stuck or having problems to delve in to this work and learn incredible detail.  No matter what level each person is at there is always more detail to be teased out that will bring even greater things from the horse and build even stronger relationships with the horses.

This training is great for young, old, injured, box rest, retired and more horses, as well as any discipline.  Because it stimulates the horses mind and keeps them mentally agile and engaged with even horses who are less able to move for any reason are still able to play with us and learn new things and of course we can use it to keep healthy horses fit and supple. 

You will find from my training is that what develops in your horse is a beautiful cadence and an amazing relationship with your horse that has it’s foundations in mutual trust and respect.

To find out more about Amanda and SMAART Horses follow the link.


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