Communication that CLICKS ! – What Do I Train My Horse Next ?

Communication That CLICKS !


What Do I Train My Horse Next ?


Training Holes


Don’t worry about ignoring behavioural issues…

…one day they will become so big that you can’t ignore them any more

When we start to unravel behavioural issues for a horse it really is not uncommon to find that there are more issues buried under the one that was most obvious.  Read more about training holes.

When we take on troubled horses it can therefore seem like an eternity of dealing with nothing but issues.  I like to look at this in a very different way;  each behaviour that poses itself as a new ‘issue’ to deal with is simply a training hole.  training holes are great, they guide us through our training.  Each time a hole appears it simply tells us what we need to work on next.  The longer we leave a hole the bigger it will get and therefore the more obvious it becomes.  With troubled horses as we bounce from one crater sized hole to another we are simply letting the horse tell us what they need us to work on next.  We listen to the horses needs.  By doing so the training we put in place will help the horse immensely in dealing with more than just one issue. 

The real icing on the cake to training in this way is that our horses learn that we are listening to them and from that comes a wonderful relationship that comes from trust.  As our horses learn to trust us more and more the relationship just continues to evolve and get even better.

We get good at listening to our horses, they get to trust that we are listening and so a real two-way conversation has begun.


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