Clicker Training Horses – New Clinic Venues

Clicker Training Horses

New Clinic Venues

We are always looking for new venues to set up clinics so that more people can learn how to communicate better with their horses.

As such, SMAART Horses have just set up 2 new clinic venues in Kent and near South Queensferry, Edinburgh.

We are also adding new dates to our existing venues and along with an additional date in Guildford, 23 September, we are adding new dates for our venues in South Lanarkshire and Warwickshire.

If you would like to set up a clinic near to you, find out more about our existing clinics or to book a place on a clinic; please email Amanda at

Current Clinic Dates:



  • 22 Jul – Guildford (limited places)
  • 30 Jul – Warwickshire (limited places)
  • 31 Jul – Warwickhire (lesson day; fully booked)
  • 21 Aug – South Lanarkshire (limited places)
  • 27 Aug – Essex
  • 23 Sept – Guildford
  • 15 Oct – Warwickshire
  • Oct – South Lanarkshire

Online Clicker Courses

We have also added new dates for our online Clicker Training Courses.  Each course runs for 6 consecutive weeks on a Tuesday evening.

With the permission of the author, the courses follow Alexandra Kurlands books (The Click That Teaches; Step by Step Guide in Pictures and Riding with the Clicker.

While following the books, the courses are still tailor-made to suit each person on the course.The new dates are shown below.  If you would like to book a place on a clinic then please email Amanda at

Level 1

SMAART Online Classroom

SMAART Online Classroom

  • 2 Aug – 6 Sept 11 @ 7pm
  • 6 Sept – 11 Oct 11 @ 7pm
  • 1 Nov – 6 Dec 11 @ 7pm

Level 2

  • 6 Sept – 11 Oct 11 @ 8pm
  • 1 Nov – 6 Dec 11 @ 8pm


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