Alexandra Kurland Clinic Photographs

Alexandra Kurland Clinic Photographs

Advanced Clicker Clinic June 2011

The Alexandra Kurland (The Clicker Center) clinics in the UK this year were fabulous, as ever.  Amanda attended both clinics with Classic

At the advanced clinic Amanda was working on a couple of different things.  One of these was getting Classic to go forwards, really forwards.  As his shoulders started to bounce his hind end started to swing and then we really got engagement from the hind.

Add on to that a jaw release and the result was incredible.  This was the next level of all the clicker work Amanda and Classic have been doing and Amanda was lucky enough to have Mary Concannon from the Irish Clicker Centre taking video and photographs.  Below are a few of the photographs that Mary snapped for us.


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4 Responses to Alexandra Kurland Clinic Photographs

  1. Rhonda Stock says:

    Beautiful!! Is Classic a cremello?

  2. Mary Hunter says:

    Lovely photos, Amanda!


  3. debra says:

    Classic looks great Amanda!


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