Online Clicker Training Courses

Online Clicker Training Courses

The online courses are proving to be incredibly popular so we are always adding new dates.

Tailor made training with the courses means that places on each course are limited.  This ensures everyone gets as much as possible from the course they join, you get to contact Amanda in between classes with questions, videos for analysis and more.

With permission from Alexandra Kurland, the online courses follow Alexandra’s book; The Click That Teaches, A Step By Step Guide in Pictures.

If you would like to join one of the SMAART Horses online clicker training courses contact Amanda at

The next dates for the courses are:The SMAART Online Courses follow Alexandra Kurlands Step By Step Book

Level 1;  6 September 2011 @ 7pm
1 November 2011 @ 7pm

Level 2; 6 September 2011 @ 8pm
1 November 2011 @ 8pm

You can also find more details about the clinic on our website.   Follow the link below for details, or email Amanda directly.

For all the SMAART events check our online calendar.


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