Clicker Training Horses – Horse Scene Magazine Features SMAART Horses

Horse Scene Magazine Features SMAART Horses

Clicker training has been around us for a long time.  Anyone who has seen a marine mammal (killer whales, sea lions, dolphins) displays at Sea World or Shedd Aquarium have seen clicker training in action.

Positive reinforcement, first recognised in the early 1900’s by B. F. Skinner, is proven to be more effective and efficient and today is gaining popularity in the horse world as a way of training horses.

Amanda Martin (animal behaviourist and research scientist) is the face of horse clicker training in the UK. Amanda has been trained extensively by USA-based, world renowned clicker trainer who brought clicker training to the horse world; Alexandra Kurland.

To read the full artcile on Page 32 click on the Horse Scene Logo below…..


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2 Responses to Clicker Training Horses – Horse Scene Magazine Features SMAART Horses

  1. equus101 says:

    When was CT first used with horses?

    • smaarthorses says:

      It has been used for quite a few years now. Alexandra Kurland first started using it just over 15 years ago and her books have just had a 10 year anniversary. Karen Pryor was using clicker training for her horses, albeit very rudimentary stuff, in the 70s. So it has been in the horse world in some form for a long time. Its just in the past 10 years or so that it has really started to get more popular.

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