Teach Your Horse Stretches

Teach Your Horse Stretches

And Stretch !

Many of us ask equine professionals to come and work on our horses for various reasons.  When we have had body workers (e.g. physio, chiropractor, myofascial release)  in to help the horse we are often left with stretches to do with the horse until the body worker is back again.  Getting the stretches done can be a challenge not only in finding the time to do that and do some training and ride etc.  So why not make the stretches part of your clicker training routine.

Making Stretches Fun

Use these stretches as a warm up to get you and your horse thinking about the clicker, thinking about how to break things down in to small steps and thinking about the weight shifts you need in your horse to achieve each stretch…warm up your mind, your horse mind and your horses body all in one go.

Amanda can help you teach your horse the stretches that your body worker needs your horse to do in between visits.  Even if your horse is on box rest, is restricted in their movement, or you need to get them moving Amanda can teach you how to make this engaging, fun and safe for you and your horse.

Contact Amanda for more details or to book a lesson tailored for the stretches for your horse:  amanda@smaarthorses.co.uk

0777 196 5083


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