Clicker Training Clinics

Clicker Training Clinics

with S.M.A.A.R.T. Horses

Horse Behaviour

With Amanda you will learn how to read horse body language (horse behaviour), interpret what this means, then make positive changes to your day-to-day interactions and your training accordingly.

She uses all sorts of examples to help you understand your horses behaviour, why your horse does what he does and why certain changes will improve your relationship and training with your horse.

Amanda talks you through a positive ways to help your horse better understand what you want from them. She helps you strike up a 2-way conversation with your horse.

Body Awareness and Energy Awareness

Amanda teaches you to see that being aware of your own body language will alter your horses responses to you. If you are aware of your own body language then you are better equipped to make positive changes to help you train positively and effectively.

She will also teach you how to ride by releases (micro-riding) and use your “energy” to influence your horse. Through a series of exercises you will learn how your balance, posture and energy influence your communication with your horse, both on the ground and in the saddle.

Emotional and Physical Balance

What we are aiming to achieve is emotional and physical balance from our horses. A horse showing good emotional balance is the horse who is not spooky, who will have a go at most things and who trusts us when we ask them to do something. For them to be able to do this they also have to be physically balanced.

One feeds in to the other; if you are emotionally balanced you are better able to balance yourself physically and vice versa. If we expect emotional and physical balance from our horses we need to show emotional and physical balance ourselves. At Amanda’s clinics you will learn to be more emotionally and physically self-aware and learn to recognise how your emotional and physical state affects your horse. She will then help you become better balanced, both emotionally and physically and you will begin to see the relationship with your horse and your horses behaviour transform.

Relationship with Your Horse

When you and your horse are recognising how you are reacting to each other’s behaviour and learn body and energy awareness you will begin to develop both emotional and physical balance.

As you go through this process you will begin to see emerging a relationship with your horse that has its foundations in mutual trust and respect.

This is the “connection” we all want with our horses and Amanda can help you achieve this.

To book a place on a clinic or to organise a clinic with Amanda, contact us at  

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