Clicker Training In Kent, Surrey and Sussex – January 2012

28 January @ 10am

Clicker Training Demonstration in Canterbury

Everyone welcome.  Learn about clicker training, how it works, why it works, see how you can apply it to day-to-day life with your horse and learn how to get started yourself at this in-depth demo with clicker training specialist, Amanda Martin

Both during and after the demo there will be time for questions with Amanda.  See details below.

Contact for enquiries and bookings (booking required in advance).

28 & 29 January

Clicker Training Lessons at your own yard

Enjoy a private lesson at your own yard with  clicker training specialist, Amanda Martin.  Work on anything you need to from problem behaviours to starting youngsters and high school movements.

Whether you are already clicker training or want to get started, a private lesson with Amanda will help you achieve what you hope to achieve, and more.  She will help you set realistic goals and learn how to break exercises down in to trainable pieces.

Learn how to positively teach your horse the classical art of physical and emotional balance.  See details below.

Contact for enquiries and bookings.

Canterbury Demo 28 Jan 12

Kent Surrey Sussex lessons 28-29 Jan 12
0777 196 5083

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