Anatomy and Physiology: Of Blood and Breath

As a qualified physiologist I always like to remind myself of how our amazing horses function.  My research is more often than not about how their minds are working, how they learn things and so on, so now and then it is nice to go back to my roots and remind myself that the body is quite an amazing thing.

Anatomy and Physiology Part 11:

Of Blood and Breath

There are few similarities between horses and automobiles, but in a manner of speaking, the horse’s circulatory and respiratory systems constitute its engine. The food a horse consumes is its fuel. The fuel is converted into nutritional energy that powers the muscles. The respiratory system provides oxygen to facilitate metabolism, and the cardiovascular or circulatory system delivers the oxygen and nutrients to tissues as well as carrying off waste products that are produced when the “engine” is running.

We’ll take a close a look at these two systems and the manner in which they function.

Respiratory System

The purpose of the respiratory system…….Amanda

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