Learning New Methods

Karen Pryor, ClickerExpo Nashville 2012

I am just getting my notes from ClickerExpo 2012 organised ready to share with everyone.  While doing this I came across a wonderful statement by Karen Pryor in the opening session this year and I wanted to share it, just to whet everyone appetite ready for the notes I share.

Karen talks about when people are learning clicker training.  She uses the analogy of learning about new software on your computer.

“It is always hard to learn new software.  It would be easy to give up especially if we are not sure where it will take us or what the end result will be.  We need to experience the end result to appreciate the benefits.

So often we need to persevere through the process of learning new software so that we can really reap the benefits.

The benefits of Clicker Training are, among other things, teaching our animals to:

  • think
  • innovate
  • be themselves !”

Watch out for the new ClickerExpo posts coming out soon !


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