Agility…Right from The Start !

headerSMAART Horses are delighted to be hosting an agility workshop weekend
with Eva Bertilsson, co-author of Agility, Right From the Start and
ClickerExpo (Karen Pryor) faculty.

This will be a fantastic weekend that will cover dog agility.  However, the information shared will be very applicable to those interested in Horse Agility.

If you would like to
BOOK A PLACE on the workshop

Dog Agility 11 and 12 May 13

About Eva

Eva resides in Hällevadsholm in northern Bohuslän and has a university degree in psychology and education and is currently studying for (2011-2013) a master’s degree in behavior analysis (“Laering in Complex Systemer) at Akershus University College in Oslo.

Previously, I worked as a teacher in grades 4-5 in Hällevadsholm and on Naturbruksgymnasiet in Dingle. But courses and bokskrivande took up more of my time, so since 2006 I have worked full time with Carpe Momentum. Parallel to this, I have read some university courses in ethology (SLU Skara + Linkoping) and behavioral analysis / autism (Stockholm University), and also studied animal care in Dingle. And now it will therefore focus on behavior analysis – this incredibly fascinating subject – with Masters Degrees in Norway (but I still live in Hällevadsholm). Among other things, the training that I have a training project with giraffes at the Kristiansand Zoo.

My beloved phalène Misty ❤ passed away in February 2012, more than 18.5 years old. And since her son Soya (born -98) now living an active life of cousin Karin that includes a freestyle career like this in old age, so I have only border collie Tizla (born -06) at home. In the past I competed almost every weekend (mostly agility course, but also previously obedience), but now it’s mostly training for fun – as well as courses of course. Courses and lectures can actually give a similar kick that competing offers!

Read Eva’s Blog

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