Are You a Squeeky Toy ?

Have you every noticed how horses push some people around and not others ?  They seem to pick the same people and are able to push them and shove them and mug them and almost have them off their feet.

The reason is quite simple, its about balance. 

Physical Balance

If you are in not in good balance then it is easy for the horse, or any animal, to be able to wobble you on your feet.  When they bump you you bounce a bit.  Its a bit like when you get to a door and when you push it it gives just a bit, so you try again and you feel it give just a bit more.  You start to wonder if the you shove just a bit harder if the the door might just open and you can get through it.  It becomes a challenge to get the door open. 

If instead you are in good balance (Amanda can teach you how to find good balance in yourself both on the ground and when riding) when the horse bumps you you are steady on your feet.  You have aligned your body in such a way that you are relaxed and you don’t have to use much muscle strength to keep yourself in balance.  The door is quite definitely shut.  When you pushed it it felt firm and there was little give, it was obvious it was locked.  So no point in persisting.

Emotional Balance

Emotional and physical balance are very closely linked.

When we are in good physical balance we are focused and aware of our body.  That means we have to be in good emotional balance.  So being in good physical balance can feed in to good emotional balance.  Think about walking on a balance beam; we have to be focused on our body and be in good physical balance and we can’t do that if we are thinking about the fact we running out of time to get to an appointment.  Likewise if we are upset about something, we tend to introduce tensions in to our body and that means we can’t physically balance.

If we can shut out the stresses of they day and focus just on what we are doing with the horse then we can remain in good emotional balance.  That good emotional balance will improve our physical balance as it allows us to release tensions from our body.  That good physical balance will allow us to focus more on our body and ‘internalise’ so it can help us balance better emotional.  The more we can physically balance the better we can emotionally balance, and the better we can emotionally balance the better we can physically balance.

Contact Amanda to find out more about finding good physical and emotional balance when you are training your horse and progress your in-hand and ridden training.

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