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About Amanda Martin;

From Alexandra Kurland…

“Amanda Martin is a clicker trainer.  Lots of people use clicker training.  They use it now and then as a problem solving tool, but that doesn´t make them a clicker trainer.  Being a clicker trainer means so much more.

Understanding Core Training Principals…

It means someone who understands the core training principles that are at the heart of clicker training.  And it means someone who knows how to use those principles to give horses a voice in the training.

Amanda gives horses a voice in the training…

Lots of people use the clicker to reinforce behavior they like, but they still want to punish unwanted behavior.  Being a clicker trainer means you know how to stay focused on what you want your horse to do.  You don´t get sucked into the drama of the unwanted behavior.  And you know not one or two strategies for getting good behavior, you know dozens.  You don´t need to be a punisher, because you have learned how to break training down into small manageable steps.  Amanda understands what this means, and the result is horses like her.  They listen to her and they learn from her.  Amanda gets great results from horses because she knows how to give them a voice in the training.

Amanda finds the solutions through rigorous research…

I´ve know Amanda now for a number of years and she´s become a good friend.  One of Amanda´s many strengths is she knows how to research a subject and get the information that is needed.

A couple of years ago she came over to the States to attend a clinic I was giving in my area.

Just before the course started, one of our Icelandics became very ill with Potomac Horse Fever and had to be hospitalized.  It was an exhausting weekend.  I was teaching all day, and then driving out to the veterinary hospital to check on Sindri.  He was having adverse reactions to the medication he needed to be on, and he was in critical condition.

Amanda got on the internet and did the research I didn´t have the time or the energy to do.  As a result we knew what questions needed to be asked.

Solid Horse Handling Skills and more…

That´s what Amanda does.  She researches her subject – whatever it is: a health issue, a training problem.  Amanda does her homework.  Combine that with solid horse handling skills, plus a thorough understanding of the science of clicker training, and what you get is a great teacher and a great support system.

Alexandra Kurland

Author of;
Clicker Training for your Horse
The Click that Teaches: A Step-BY-Step Guide in Pictures
The Click that Teaches: Riding with the Clicker
The Click that Teaches DVD lesson series


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