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Below are just some of the blogs that have been written for the S.M.A.A.R.T. Horse Blog. if you would like to search the archives more thoroughly you can do so with the ‘blog archives’ search on the right hand menu.

About Amanda Martin, by Alexandra Kurland

Bank Accounts and Relationships

Lanark riding Club Equine Expo

Clicker Training for Fun

I Can’t Catch My Horse

How Do I Know What to Train My Horse Next ?

Equine In Motion – Myofascial Release

Clicker Training; Horse Training Without The Horse

Understanding Training Loops and How to Use Them

Clicker Training Horses – Bucket, a Very Special Horse

Clicker Training Horses – Does Your Horse Know How to Smile ?

Teaching a Horse About Injections

How To use the Reins Correctly when Riding

Cerebral Delights

Clicker Training Horses – Positive Reinforcement

Understanding Some Learning Theory – Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Teaching Riding Aids – DVD Review

Clicker Training Horses – Bribery

Head Lowering DVD Review By SMAART Horses

Teaching Your Horse to Stay with You – Under Saddle and In Hand

Clicker Training; Command or Cue ?!

Horse Clicker Training; Click AND Treat

Could you lend me a hand? – Part 2

Could you lend me a hand? – Part 1

Targeting – Part 3

Targeting – Part 2

Targeting Part 1; Getting Started with Clicker Training

The Power of Cues – Poisoned Cues

When Do I stop Using Treats ?

Stand on Your Mat – Balance, Body Awareness and More

Clicker Training; The Power of Cues

Clicker Training – It’s Not About The Food !

Horse Trailer Break Down – Part 2; Equine Pilates

Horse Trailer Break Down – Part 1

SMAART Horses Clicker Training Clinic Report – 9 Oct 10

Teaching Lateral Moves with the Clicker – Three-Flip-Three

Can Horses Talk ?

Preparing for the Trimmer or Farrier

How to Worm Your Horse – No Fuss ! No Force !

Do Horses Have a Pecking Order in The Herd ?

Problems Mounting Your Horse – Capture The Saddle in Your Hands Instead

Clicker Training – Law 7 of Shaping Behaviour

Clicker Training – Law 5 of Shaping Behaviour

Horse Tricks, and more

Teach Your Horse to Stop when You Let Go of The Lead Rope

Teach Your Horse About the Bit with No Fuss and No Force

Horse Clicker Training – Bribery or Reinforcer ?

Enrich Your Horses Environment


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